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The Washington Post, one of our country’s greatest newspapers, just sold for 1/4 the price of Tumblr.
— @CaseyNewton (via brooklynmutt)

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★ Man of Steel

Episode 003 of Matt’s vlog is now posted. Have a look at “A Travel Blog For The Entire Solar System”

One day later, with no acknowledgment except for a change in the timestamp, the Post revised the story, backing down from sensational claims it made originally. But the damage was already done.
— Ed Bott writing for ZDNet on WaPo’s stealth corrections after the PRISM story broke.
★ Funded: How Alyeus Crowdsourced Its Debut Album
Google Glass in the wild in Toronto

Google Glass in the wild in Toronto

Replace that with a shaky, vertical iPhone video? I’d rather move back to the days of radio.
— From Peter Shankman’s op-ed on the Chicago Sun-Times’ recent move to replace its photojournalists with “iPhone journalism.”
I equate it to being in a relationship. I didn’t want to be alone.
— Justin Shorey, drummer for indie band The Creekside Strays, on his decision to join the group before playing their CD release show earlier this month. See the full interview.